'Pretty Little Liars' Boss Teases Significance Of 'Red Is The New Black'

If you visit Rosewood on a regular basis, you've likely heard the news that our "Pretty Little Liars" will soon learn that former-good-guy Toby is actually part of the nefarious A Team. (A fact viewers discovered during the cliff-hanger mid-season finale back in August.) But when we caught up with executive producer I. Marlene King on the orange carpet for the series' Halloween special, she dished a few previously unknown details from the new episodes debuting in 2013.

"I think what people don't know, which we haven't talked about before tonight, is that you will find out in season 3B why red is the new black," she divulged. "We've teased that all throughout season 3A—'Red is the new black.' You'll find out in season 3 what that means and why."

Marlene dropped another hint that leads us to believe the phrase may have something to do with Alison's alter ego Vivian Darkbloom.

"There will be a new iconic image in our show, which sort of transcends the black hoodie," she added. Could the red in question refer to the scarlet-colored trench coat Alison wore as part of her disguise (which the girls claimed from the dry cleaners during "The Naked Truth")?

You'll have to tune into "Pretty Little Liars" when it returns in the New Year to find out for sure!

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