Halloween Costume How-To: Turn 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' As Ana Steele

Your friends will turn fifty shades of jealous when you turn up for your Halloween party as "Fifty Shades" trilogy protagonist Anastasia Steele. And who knows? Perhaps there will be a young, handsome, psychologically disturbed billionaire at the soiree waiting to tie you to his bedpost. Or not. But hey, it’s good to be ready, just in case.

To pull off the authentic Anastasia Steele look, you need to start with a fabulous grey dress, like a

romantic lace frock ($49.25, ASOS), something more buttoned-up and business chic ($79.90, Zara), or a long, sleek dress that shows off a hint of skin ($29.95, H&M). The key to Christian’s desire for Ana is that her look is 95 percent innocent, 5 percent sexy; use this as a guide when selecting the right dress for you.

Next, it’s time to accessorize and turn your outfit into a costume. After all, it is Halloween! Draw inspiration from the covers of each of the books and add a men’s grey patterned tie ($9.50, Amazon), a silver Venetian-style mask ($2.58, Amazon) and, of course, metal handcuffs ($4.25, Amazon). If you’re not a natural brunette, be sure to also pick up a straight brown wig ($19.99, Spirit Halloween) to complete your Miss Steele ensemble.

Of course, no "Fifty Shades" costume would be complete without a little rope. Swing by your local hardware store, Christian Grey style, and artfully tie a bit around your wrists, ankles or waist like an accessory. Be sure to also pick up some red satin pillowcases ($29.99 for 2, Bed Bath & Beyond) to carry your candy and/or use as a purse, as a nod to Christian’s, er, special room.

And for the final touch, don’t forget to let your inner goddess shine!