Peep The 'Breaking Dawn' Arm-Wrestling Scene In New Clip!

Bella arm wrestlingIn the final weeks before "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" hits theaters, tantalizing little tidbits from the movie are starting to make their way onto the web—and if you've been hoping to whet your "Twilight" appetite with an early glimpse of Bella the Newborn Vampire, then today's your day!

In a new clip that debuted on Yahoo! Movies, we see the Cullens working their new family dynamic... and Bella showing her game face.

The clips opens with Bella and Edward, watching as a police car (Charlie? Is that you?) drives away. Which, apparently, is not normal behavior for a newborn vampire—all things considered, she should have been growling and drooling and trying to drink dear old dad like a delicious mustachioed milkshake, amirite?—and from behind them, Jasper congratulates the newest member of their bloodsucking clan on her awesome restraint. But there's a skeptic in the house: Emmett, who taunts Bella for being so "tame." Ooooooh, burn; is that a challenge? It is! And though the other brothers of family Cullen warn Emmett to watch himself (seriously, bro, in the Twi-verse, teasing the baby is a good way to get your rippling biceps bitten right off), he demands a throwdown. Warning: There is a lot of manly grunting involved.

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