Julianne Hough Finds Love On The Lam In New 'Safe Haven' Trailer

Safe HavenGet ready to feel really, achingly insecure about your boyfriend, your relationship and (hey, why not?) your taste in bikinis: The trailer for "Safe Haven," the new Nicholas Sparks novel-gone-bigscreen is here, and in typical fashion, is going to show you all the things you never knew you wanted. Namely: to go on the lam from the cops, end up in a sleepy seaside town in North Carolina and have a whirlwind romance with an achingly attractive widower who just wants to kiss the pain right outta you!

The trailer opens with a panting, fleeing Julianne Hough, who hops on a departing bus just in time to make her escape from the police. What'd she do? Nope, they won't tell you, but it must have been reeeeeally bad—so bad that she had to cut her hair in a bus station bathroom and make a vow to never love anyone again, ever. But she can't keep her guard up forever, and especially not when the small town she picked to start over in just happens to have a Josh Duhamel in it, and he thinks she's really pretty and wants to give her a bicycle.

Not surprisingly, the mysterious, wounded blonde lets down her guard...and at 1:42, ladies and gentlemen, we have an against-a-tree-trunk make-out. Woohoo! All of which makes it extra tragic when her past catches up to her, and she's all, "He's going to find me!", (Who? WHO?!) and then something is actually on fire. ...Okay, so maybe we don't want all the things from this movie to happen to us, but still, most of them. Especially the bicycle, it's a really nice one.

"Safe Haven" hits theaters February 8, 2013.

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