'Beautiful Creatures' Fans Will 'Not Be Disappointed' With 'Redemption'

Fans of Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl's Caster Chronicles were left hanging with the concluding chapter of the series' third installment, "Beautiful Chaos." But, thankfully, the wait is over as we finally learn Ethan and Lena's fate in the finale, "Beautiful Redemption," which hits bookstore shelves today.

We caught up with the authoresses recently at New York Comic-Con, but try as we might, we couldn't suss out any spoilers. Kami and Margaret did promise, however, that readers will be satisfied with the conclusion.

"We don't think they'll be disappointed about the emotional scope and the way it ends," Margaret said of her and Kami's fans. "We can't say anything..."

"The stakes are higher," Kami offered.

"And we think fans of the 'Beautiful Creatures' novels will not be disappointed," Margaret added.

But that isn't to say things will conclude perfectly for our star-crossed lovers and the residents of their small Southern town.

"Also, the thing that—Margi and I are both huge 'Buffy' fans, and Joss Whedon always said you can't give a viewer or reader what they want, you have to give them what they need," Kami said. "We are fans of the idea of our world being realistic, and when things happen, there are consequences. And so one of the things we've tried to be true to is the kind of arc where the things that have been set in motion in the series have to play out in a certain way to be believable."

As to whether they'll collaborate on another novel, Margaret could only quote Justin Bieber: "Never say never," she said. "We actually have so many stories we've never told about this world, so whether anyone gets to hear them, I don't know."

With both writers at work on solo projects (Kami on "Unbreakable" and Margaret on "Icons") it may be a while before we beautiful creatures return to Gatlin County. But we'll be waiting, nonetheless.

Click play on the video above to hear more about "Beautiful Redemption" from Kami and Margaret!

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