Emma Watson Returning To Brown University

Emma WatsonEmma Watson is ready to go back to school. After taking a break from the world of academia, the actress will once again enroll in classes at Brown University.

According to her rep (via Gossip Cop), "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" starlet will return to campus just in time for the winter 2013 session to kick off. She left the institution in 2011, spending some time studying at Oxford, but will now continue her studies back at Brown.

"My first two years at Brown weren’t easy, not because I was bullied or because anyone gave me a particularly hard time, but just because, you know, without the collegiate system... and at Brown everyone does completely different things and very much chooses their own path, which is great, but it’s also much more difficult, too. You’re not with a group of people all the time at one time," she told T magazine over the summer about her time spent at the famed New England Ivy League.

While she didn’t confirm what path she might be taking this time around, we have no doubt the brainy Hollywood heavyweight can choose anything and be successful. But, might we suggest she try her hand at fashion design? She has quite the eye for style.