Halloween Costume How-To: Pay Tribute To 'Hunger Games' Effie Trinket

by Jessica Marshall

Want to turn heads this Halloween? Dial up the color and channel your inner Cinna, because a little Capitol Couture is sure to make a splash at this year's costume parties. And who exemplifies the loud-and-proud style as much as the inimitable District 12 escort, Effie Trinket?

Elizabeth Banks brought the color-blocking fashionista to life on screen in "The Hunger Games" earlier this year, and we still can't get enough of her style. She's the height of Capitol Couture, boldly going where no District 12 citizen would ever dare go...unless they were being forced to as a participant of the Hunger Games.

So if you're going to embody Effie this October 31, here are a few helpful hints for assembling your outfit.

Start off with a big, bold, knee-length dress. Go peacock ($24.80, Forever 21) or pink ($22.80, Forever 21)! Complement the dress with a gem-toned, crop-sleeve ruffle shrug ($19.99, Amazon.com), and you'll capture the baseline of Effie's Alexander McQueen-esque flavor for a real bargain.

Next, you'll want to add a little icing on the top—that is, retro-styled bob hair with a light pink hue. If you don't want to dish out for a wig, the same effect can be achieved with a little bit of teasing, a lot of hairspray and a dash of pink hair chalk ($14.50, Hot Topic). Regardless of how you achieve the hairstyle, you absolutely cannot forget to add in Effie's signature "flower-inspired" hair piece ($5.50, Claire's).

You may be dressed like a Capitol resident, but you wouldn't be mistaken for one unless you slap on some makeup. You probably already have most of the makeup you'll need, but if you don't, a quick trip to the drug store can fill in the blanks on the fly (and on the cheap). Start with a foundation at least two shades lighter than your skin tone (if not more), and follow with as bright a pink blush and lipstick as you can find. Then apply the most outrageously bold eyeshadow you've got, preferably in a yellow, green or blue. Don't be afraid to cake it on, and add a little glitter for good measure. Finally, if you want to really recreate Effie's makeup, grab some fake eyelashes ($9.00, Paperself).

Follow up with some bold nail polish. If you're up for it, tack on some nail jewels too. Any bold color will do, and you even can try some Capitol Colors ($18.00, China Glaze), the nail polish inspired by the film.

And finally, we know you have a pair of crazy sexy heels or booties stashed somewhere in the depths of your closet. Time to stop denying it. Add them to your costume. The blisters and sore ankles will be so worth it at the end of the night.

And that's all there is to it. Effie it up, ladies. May the odds be ever in your favor.