Get 'Struck By Lightning' With New Trailer For Chris Colfer Film

Struck by LightningIf you were wondering whether Chris Colfer's particular brand of artistic genius could flow just as beautifully from the tips of his fingers as it does from his precious larynx, then here's your answer: Yup. The new trailer for "Struck by Lightning" hit the web today, and Chris's debut as a screenwriter is just as buoyant, sharp, and painfully funny as his breakout performance on "Glee." Maybe even buoyant-er. Really!

We grinned all the way through this second peek at the film, which Chris both wrote and starred in, and which offers up a brand of delightfully dark humor that'll make you laugh and wince in equal measures. In it, Chris plays a driven young man who will stop at nothing, not even the commission of felonies, in pursuit of his lifelong dream to become the editor of the New Yorker—and who resorts to blackmailing his classmates in order to beef up his college applications.

And with a supporting cast that includes Allison Janney, Christina Hendricks, and best of all, our favorite girlcrush Rebel Wilson, this movie looks seriously promising. Keep your eyes peeled: "Struck by Lightning" should be hitting theaters sometime in December.

Watch the "Stuck by Lightning" trailer on YouTube!

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