The Twi-Fight Saga: 10 Vampires You May Have Forgotten From 'Breaking Dawn'

We have 25 days—yes, only 25 days—until the final "Twilight Saga" film hits theaters.

While we're sure most of you are just thrilled to get to see Bella and Edward again in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," you're going to get a lot more than that. A whole slew of new vampires are introduced in this movie, and there's a good chance that some of you might need a little help brushing up on your knowledge in anticipation of the release.

Well, what better time to remind you of 10 of our favorite underrated new vampires than during The Twi-Fight Saga! Voting in the competition, which will ultimately determine who the best "Twilight" character of all time is, began yesterday, but you still have a couple more days to vote before round one closes on Thursday. So before you head over to the polls, read up on some of the character's involved first. Maybe these reminders will sway your vote.


Ah, Irina, the Denali coven vampire who started it all. After mistakenly believing Renesmee was an immortal child (a child turned into a vampire, which is against Volturi law), Irina ran off to Italy to rat out Bella and Edward for their crime. She was misguided in her claim, though, and the former girlfriend of Laurent does get her comeuppance.


Garrett is an American nomadic vampire who comes to the aid of the Cullens in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," but we feel it's more important to note that he's played by "Pushing Daisies" star Lee Pace. You shouldn't need to know more than that to give him your vote.


Another member of the Denali coven, Eleazar is a longtime friend of the Cullens and one of their go-to-allies. He has the important job of explaining to Bella what her special vampire gift is (but we won't spoil it for you who don't already know).


Not only is Benjamin a pretty cool dude—he's a part of the Egyptian coven and can physically influence the four major elements—but the actor who plays him, Rami Malek, is buds with Robert Pattinson. We'd be lying if we said we aren't jealous.


Yet another vampire with a special ability who's a longtime friend of Carlisle Cullen's, Alistair is not too happy to be a part of the events in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2." He's afraid of what the Volturi will do if they don't believe Bella and Edward's story about Renesmee being a half-human/half-vampire hybrid, so he peaces out before the vampire royalty arrives. We're not a big fan of him.


Like many of the other new vampires introduced in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," Zafrina has a special ability. She can create visual illusions, which could prove quite handy in a showdown like the one at the end of this upcoming movie. Zafrina is also one of the first to befriend Renesmee, so we give her points for that.


Vladimir and his ally Stefan are interesting because they're both part of the Romanian vampire coven, a group of vampires who were destroyed by the Volturi over a century ago. Not only are they bitter, but they're out for blood burned vampires, with Vladimir specifically claiming Alec as his personal opponent.


Peter is yet another ally of the Cullens, but this time he was brought in as witness by Jasper instead of Carlisle. Jasper and Peter were both part of the same Civil War-era newborn army that we learned about way back when in "Eclipse," though he managed to escape before Jasper did.


Surprise, surprise: Irish coven member Maggie also has a special ability. In her case, it's the ability to act as a vampire lie detector, which actually ends up being really cool.


To keep spoilers to a minimum, we'll just say that Nahuel is "Breaking Dawn - Part 2's" game-changer. If you can't remember who he is, well, you're in for one big surprise.

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