James Franco Getting Cozy With Pretty Little Liar Ashley Benson?

Ashley Benson and James FrancoDespite being relatively expert predictors of which on-screen collaborations will result in real-life romantic entanglements (we called Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling like a boss, y'all), this one caught us by surprise: According to the gossip hounds at Page Six, "Spring Breakers" co-stars Ashley Benson and James Franco are an item.

The pair were seen holding hands at the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride last week, and an unnamed friend of one or the other celeb confirmed that they are, indeed, dating. It's an interesting matchup—he's 12 years older and a lot more eccentric than the "Pretty Little Liars" star—and somehow, we never saw it coming! Are we losing our touch?!

...Okay, probably not: the first suspiciously schmoopy sighting of the two was only in September, and Ashley was still going strong with producer Ryan Good as recently as two months ago. But to make up for having completely failed to predict this on-set relationship turned off-screen coupling, we will be watching extra hard for signs that the two are getting serious. Watching like hawks! Who, among all the large-sized North American birds of prey, are the best at keeping track of Hollywood gossip.

What do you think of this match...or mismatch?