Alexander Ludwig Could Play Four In 'Divergent': You Like?

Alexander LudwigLooks like we aren't the only ones getting comfy on the casting couch to ponder the role of Four for the upcoming "Divergent" movie! On the same day that we posted our five most-wanted picks for the role of the Dauntless faction's most enigmatic and fearless member, at least one young up-and-comer was meeting with producers to talk about the part: Alexander Ludwig, who tweeted, "Had an amazing meeting with Doug Wick (produced gladiator) about playing Four in Divergent. Need to get this one."

Alexander, of course, is probably most famous for playing the evil career tribute Cato in the "Hunger Games" movie—he's the one with a knife to Peeta's throat in the film's final, terrifying confrontation—so he's not exactly new to the world of YA lit adaptations in Hollywood. And hey, a heroic leading role would be a nice change after having to be so very bad in his last big-screen outing...that is, if fans can handle it without being overwhelmed by memories of his villainy and hurling popcorn at the screen. So, whatcha think? Vote in our poll after the jump!