'Warm Bodies' EXCLUSIVE: Fall In Love With The Movie Poster!

Warm Bodies movie posterThe zombie apocalypse is nigh!

...Okay. Sure. Mankind's total annihilation doesn't actually begin until February 1, 2013, but we're giving you a sneak peek of the bloody, brain-slurping carnage—wrapped in an ooey, gooey love story—to come. Now doesn't that sound nice?

Feast your eyes on the one-sheet for the upcoming horror-romance "Warm Bodies," starring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer. Based on the novel by Isaac Marion, the story revolves around zombie R (Nicholas) who rescues a human girl (Teresa) from attack and ends up falling in love with her. Just the kind of dashing suitor you want to take home to Mom and Dad, right?

The film adaptation is directed by Jonathan Levine, who made us cry until it hurt with the 2011 film "50/50." MTV News hopped on the phone with Jonathan to get his take on the eye-popping poster.

"I think it captures the tone of the movie really nicely," he said. "It's iconic, it's irreverent, it's got a sense of humor about itself, and yet it's got heart. I'm really happy with it, and I can't wait to see it on a subway or billboard. It's very striking."

Head on over to MTV News for the full interview with Jonathan!

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