'The First Time' EXCLUSIVE Clip: Dylan O'Brien Takes A Punch!

Love hurts—literally.

"Teen Wolf" actor Dylan O'Brien and former "Secret Circle" actress Britt Robertson star as two teens falling in love in the upcoming romantic comedy "The First Time." And in anticipation of the film's release, Hollywood Crush has snagged an EXCLUSIVE clip that will make you swoon. Then wince.

In the first look above, Britt's Aubrey and Dylan's Dave are in the middle of an intimate conversation (we saw that lean in, kids!), when Audrey's boyfriend Ronny (played by James Frecheville) busts in, and well, things get ugly from there. I mean, someone actually throws out the line: "You pretentious little Belle and Sebastian..."

...We can't wait to see how this one turns out!

"The First Time," which also stars Victoria Justice, Molly Quinn and Lamarcus Tinker, hits theaters tomorrow.