Keep Your Eyes Out For 'Cool, Sweet, Hot, Love'

Erin McCahanThe next big thing in YA books-turned-movies might just be here—and despite all the trend forecasts predicting such things, it's not a dystopian post-apocalyptic magical fantasy romance between a human girl and the sea monster who loves her. (Although can someone write that book? WE NEED IT.) Actually, the latest book to get snatched up by a studio before it's even been published is a total change of pace from the usual: a cerebral, intellectually driven little story called "Cool, Sweet, Hot, Love." According to Deadline, Warner Bros is already circling the film rights for this one, which is hitting shelves sometime in 2014.

Despite what you may be thinking—and we know what you're thinking, you filthy beast—this isn't a steamy romance. The novel by Erin McCahan follows a super-smart teenage linguistics enthusiast as she explores the meanings of different words to different people; the title quartet are the ones she's researching.

And while there's not much known about "Cool, Sweet, Hot, Love," it's safe to say that all the buzz surrounding it is a fascinating change of pace for an industry that usually saves its lustful slavering for the paranormal romance category. Think they know something we don't? Or is Hollywood just breaking out of its rut?

Do you know anything about "Cool, Sweet, Hot, Love"? Theories? Rumors?