Nina Dobrev, Emma Stone Celebrate Women In Hollywood With Elle

Elle magazine's annual celebration of Hollywood's best and brightest women was last night, and can we just say? Best. Party. Ever. To which we were not invited, for some strange reason! But that's okay, because despite the disappointment, we can still enjoy today's photographic documentation of all our favorite ladycrushes hanging out in one place (YAY!). All the best girls in the entertainment biz were present for this event to honor their accomplishments, and it was amazing. Picture the world's most awesome slumber party, only everyone's famous and wearing couture.

This was a seriously star-studded event, and our gallery of the attendees only represents something like one quarter of the celebrity presence—but we did manage to snag snapshots of major players like the Emmas (Stone and Watson, that is), Rashida Jones, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Anna Kendrick, and even the Grande Dame of Female Fabulousness, Susan Sarandon.

Want to see what everyone wore? Want to sigh and pout that you couldn't be there? Click the pic above to get a gander at everything you missed.

Was your favorite starlet in attendance last night? Who do you think was the best dressed? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

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