Emma Watson On American vs. English Guys

Emma WatsonAre you ready for a Tuesday morning moment of "awwww"? Well, brace yo'self, because this one is downright precious. It's a clip from Emma Watson's appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" today, in which Ellen asked Emma which breed of boy she prefers—English, or American?—and Emma gave the world's most endearing explanation of the differences between the two. Namely:

"English guys are very well put together. They dress really well and they are very well mannered," she said. "But they're also very restrained. Usually, in the whole courting situation, I‘m used to being—first of all, ignored, for the first two months of the ritual. And then maybe they’ll acknowledge my presence. Then, they’ll probably be a little mean to me."

(And yes, let's just take a pause here to ask what mass defect is afflicting all English guys that they're going around ignoring Emma Watson. GEEZ. No wonder they lost the Revolutionary War.)

Meanwhile, by contrast, Emma says that American gents are a whole lot more forthcoming: "Then I arrive in America, and I remember a few nights into Brown, this guy just being like, 'I like you. You’re great. Let’s go on a date. Let’s do it.' I’m like; I’m sorry, what just happened? This is, like, a huge culture shock for me."

The only thing that detracts from the allure of the Straightforward American Male?

"They wear flip-flops, and I don’t know if I like that.”

So, ladies, take note: Your options are to be ignored by a dapper Englishman, or adored by a flip-flop-wearing Yank. We know what we'd choose, but you are your own master.

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