'Walking Dead' Sexy: Our Three Favorite Zombie-Killing Crushes

Walking DeadIt's the end of the world as we know it, but they feel fine...and daaaaamn, they look it, too. Yep, that's right: AMC's "The Walking Dead" finally returns for its third season this Sunday night, and while we're plenty psyched to see the moaning, lurching, biting, and beheading, we've also got another reason to look forward to the premiere: checking in with a trio of fine fellows who are, officially, the zombie apocalypse's most eligible bachelors. Blessed with brilliant survival skills and smoldering good looks, these guys manage to be sexy under the most extraordinary circumstances — and best of all, they're all still alive. Who's on the shortlist? Check it!


One of the few characters who made it through the end of the world without developing a leathery complexion and a permanent scowl, Glenn (Steven Yeun) remains youthfully enthusiastic (and seriously cute) even whilst sprinting between roving bands of walkers. The only downside: he's not exactly available, as his budding romance with another survivor was the one consistent sweet spot in season two. But let's just say that if it doesn't work out, we wouldn't mind saving the human race with him, if you get our meaning.


Played to squinty-eyed redneck perfection by Norman Reedus, Daryl is the greasy, motorcycle-riding bad boy your mother would never approve of...and since your mom is probably a zombie by now, that's totally okay. Though he spends a lot of time sneering at the group's dramas and threatening to strike out on his own, Daryl displayed a few flashes of sentimentality during last season's search for Sophia that suggested he might have a softer side.


If you like fearless leaders, here's your man: Rick (Andrew Lincoln), a small-town sheriff in his old life, has been struggling for weeks to keep his group of survivors safe, secure and non-mutinous. Tough as nails but with a heart of gold, he'll risk his own life to keep you safe...but if you're bitten, he won't hesitate to cleave your head in two.

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