Ashley Rickards Is Anything But 'Awkward' In 'This Is How I Made It' Clip

There's been no shortage of excitement round these parts for the impending, inspiring first episode of "This Is How I Made It," the show that features in-their-own-words stories from our favorite celebs on how they... well, y'know. MADE IT. But this itty-bitty sneak peek at this week's premiere is especially close to our withered, blackened hearts: It's our own Ashley Rickards, sharing her memory of how she got a career-making break with her role on "Awkward."

With only one serious movie role and a handful of TV guest spots under her belt, Ashley was a long shot for the starring role in a network series—but she remembers vividly what happened on the day of her audition.

"After the network test, I got a message from Lauren Lungerich, who's the writer and the creator and whole brain behind 'Awkward,'" Ashley recalled. "And she was like, 'Pssst! You nailed it!'"

Though she couldn't know it for sure, that moment was a serious turning point in Ashley's career; she's been the star of "Awkward" for two years running, and when it comes to Hollywood's hottest up-and-comers, she's on everyone's list. And how does a struggling actress celebrate her big break? By charging ahead at full speed, obviously...and, in Ashley's case, literally.

"I was at the gym," she said. "I turned the elliptical up faster, like, OH YEAH! Celebration run!"

"This Is How I Made It" premieres Saturday, October 13, at 12/11c.

Are you psyched to see the rest of Ashley's story on "This Is How I Made It"?