Celebrity Book Club: 'Vampire Diaries' Star Candice Accola Likes 'Corrections'

Welcome to another meeting of Hollywood Crush's Celebrity Book Club! With "The Vampire Diaries" kicking off its fourth season tomorrow night, it seemed only right we check in with our favorite Mystic Falls residents to see what tomes are topping their list right now. Candice Accola, otherwise known as Vampire Barbie Caroline Forbes, was more than happy to share a Julie Plec-recommended read that's anything but sucky.

"I love to read," Candice enthused. "And right now I'm on my last hundred pages of 'The Corrections' by Jonathan Franzen, and I really enjoyed it. His writing is just—he's one of those writers where you just go, there are people just meant to be novel writers."

If you haven't picked up the 2001 National Book Award winner, the tale centers around an elderly Midwestern couple and their children, who reunite for one last Christmas together. HBO was set to adapt the tale into a series, but after a pilot was shot, decided not to go forward. So...you'll just have to pick up the book! Or be bitten. (Just kidding...kinda.)

What are you reading right now?

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