'Twilight' Cast, 'Glee' Clubbers, More: Who Are The Biggest Comic-Con Poseurs?

With New York Comic-Con on the horizon, we're warming up our nerdmuscles for this days-long celebration of glorious geekery—and so are a fair few of your favorite celebrities, who will join the hordes of cosplayers, memorabilia collectors and pop culturalists to promote their related projects. But beware, y'all: some famous people are only pretending to be geeks! A sordid truth which MTV News' Josh Horowitz uncovered when he put them to the test in a little feature we like to call "Geek or Poseur?"

For instance: Michelle Williams might be an Oscar-nominated actress times three, but she can't name the dish that the Avengers chow down on on their post-credits secret scene. The stars of "Twilight" have no idea what the titles are of the three "Hunger Games" books (seriously, no solidarity with the second-biggest YA lit-turned-giant-cinema-franchise? Shameful!) And little Mackenzie Foy can name her "Twilight" character, but ask her to spell it and...well.

But there may be hope for these sad poseurs yet; at least 50 percent of them can do a very passable Batvoice, so we'll call it a win. RELUCTANTLY.

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