Michelle Trachtenberg Heralds 'Gossip Girl''s Return

The sixth and final season of The CW's "Gossip Girl" premieres tonight, and one star, at least, couldn't mask her enthusiasm behind a pair of oversized sunglasses or tight-lipped smile. Michelle Trachtenberg, otherwise known as mischief-maker Georgina Sparks, took to Twitter to divulge her not-so-closely kept secret.

We've followed the goings on of the Upper East Side's most fashionable flock for five years now, so it will certainly be hard XOXO-ing them good-bye. That being said, we are enthused about one reveal yet to come: namely, the unmasking of Gossip Girl herself.

On Friday, producers Stephanie Savage and Sara Goodman let slip that the blogger's true identity will be revealed before the season's end. (You'll remember Georgina, for a time, took over the gossip site).

Who could it be? Leave your theories about Gossip Girl's true identity in the comments and on Twitter!