Canadian Thanksgiving: Our GIF To You? Hotties!

Although most of us know the second Monday in October as Columbus Day, it's a little hard to get enthused about a holiday that may or may not be kinda-sorta celebrating the mass exploitation of America's native people's by an ego-maniacal Spaniard... which is why today, we've decided to channel our energy into celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving with our friends to the north, instead! How? By having a party, of course... a gif party, to which we've invited our favorite Canadian hotties. Dress code in effect, gentlemen.

Drake licks his lips in anticipation, but...

...Joshua Jackson is the first to arrive.

He's closely followed by Ryan Gosling, Cory Monteith, and Ryan Reynolds.

Bringing up the rear? It's Taylor Kitsch!

And once you're done partying with these fine, foxy gentlemen, Justin Bieber wants you to come to his house for ice cream. Okay? Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Got another Canadian to invite to our gif party?