Which 'Pitch Perfect' Arrangement Hit The High Note?

After weeks of vocal warm-ups and exclusive teases, no doubt you all went running to your local theaters for the long-awaited premiere of "Pitch Perfect" this weekend. (Right? Right?!) And now that a cappella-loving audiences across the country have gotten their fill of aca-awesomeness, there's just one question remaining: Which of the movie's many arrangements left you happily humming along?

From the Bellas' opening performance, to the Treblemakers' dominant harmonies, to the off-the-cuff fun of the intergroup riff-off, "Pitch Perfect" is packed beginning to end with amazing a cappella arrangements—and with the groups' rivalry driving the plot, the characters spend most of their time onscreen in song. Did you love the hip-hop grind of "No Diggity"? The lightweight fun of "I Saw the Sign"? Vote in our poll after the jump!