A Brief History Of 'Twilight' Stars Singing On The Soundtrack

In case you missed it, the full track listing for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" soundtrack dropped yesterday, and as any fangirl worth her O-negative could have guessed, the album is a mix of high-profile artists (Green Day), indie acts (A Boy and His Kite) and previous players (Christina Perri). Then there's Nikki Reed.

The "Twilight" actress and husband, former "American Idol" contestant Paul McDonald, will contribute the song "All I've Ever Needed" to the album. The actress took to Twitter yesterday to thank fans for their support: "We worked so hard! It's so exciting!" she wrote.

Of course, Nikki isn't the first saga star to bite into one of the movie's soundtracks. That honor goes to everyone's favorite brooding bloodsucker Robert Pattinson, who had not one but two numbers featured in the first installment.

"Never Think," a melancholy ballad, served as the backdrop to Edward and Bella's pasta date at a Port Angeles Italian restaurant, while the more rock-laden "Let Me Sign," accompanied Bella's vampire venom-induced visions following her attack by James.

For his part, Robert had no idea the songs were to play an integral role in the film until an early screening with director Catherine Hardwicke, who had been secretly slipped Rob's recordings.

“When I went to see the cut she’d put these two songs in," Robert told the L.A. Times back in 2008. "They’re old songs, but one of them specifically, it really made the scene better. It was like it was supposed to be there. It’s strange because what was supposed to be at that point in the movie was a big orchestral film climax. Instead it’s this little song with acoustic guitar. I’m singing it, maybe that makes it different, but it’s kind of overwhelming. I hope it’s overwhelming.”

Another series star didn't turn up on a "Twilight" track until "Breaking Dawn - Part 1," but that didn't stop the speculation. We, along with fans, couldn't help but wonder whether Jackson Rathbone and his band, 100 Monkeys, would swing onto an album. So, well, we asked.

"It could happen. It could happen," Jackson told us. "It's one of those things, you know. We don't push it. But, hey, if we were approached, we wouldn't say no."

Jackson's inclusion seemed all the more likely when director Bill Condon told us in 2011 at San Diego Comic-Con that an actor or actress could appear on the soundtrack. But that honor instead went to newcomer Mia Maestro, whose "Llovera" accompanied Bella and Edward's honeymoon dip.

"I was working on my album while I was shooting the movie," Mia explained to Latina magazine. "Everyone was aware that I was finishing my record and Bill Condon wanted to hear it. He did and he really loved it and he said he was going to see if there was any part in the film where he could find placement for it."

Which brings us to 2012. Back in March, when MTV News exclusively debuted the video for Nikki and Paul's "Now That I've Found You," the "Twilight" starlet revealed that Paul was working on music for potential inclusion on the finale's soundtrack.

"Paul has been speaking with them about potentially attempting to write something," Nikki said. "Nothing is set in stone. He will be working on songs to submit. It would be a great, great thing. The music supervisor [Alexandra Patsavas] on that, as well as Bill Condon, have great taste."

"It's very preliminary," Paul confirmed. "It's kind of one of those things. I write all the time."

All that writing apparently paid off!

See the full "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" track listing!

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