'True Blood' Season 6 Takes A Bite Out Of Rutger Hauer

The rest of us might be still scratching our heads (or nursing our wounds) over the cliffhanger ending of "True Blood" season five, but the show itself isn't dwelling. With filming due to begin on the next season sooner than later, everyone's moving on...to the delightful job of snagging Rutger Hauer as their very first new cast member for season six!

TVLine reports that Rutger will play the role of Macklyn, a recurring character with mysterious (and possibly sinister) connections to the surviving members of family Stackhouse.

You may not know Hauer's name, but you'll definitely recognize his face; the tall blond Dutchman is known for his ability to inspire shouts of, "HEY! It's THAT GUY!" based on his appearances in everything from "Blade Runner" to "Sin City" to "Batman Begins." And while we'd like to tell you more about what he'll be up to in Bon Temps—and whether he's human, vampire, or vegetable—the folks at "True Blood" are being typically close-mouthed about what's in store this season, so how about we all just enjoy this picture of a young, shirtless, grime-covered Rutger Hauer cuddling a pigeon on the set of "Blade Runner" and call it a day.

Are you already psyched for more "True Blood"?

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