'Pretty Little Liars' Renewed For Fourth Season!

We've got a secret, and we can't keep it any longer: "Pretty Little Liars" has just been picked up for a fourth season. A-pparently ABC Family must have heard how much we love the series and decided to give us more A-mazing episodes.

Here's the scoop: The fourth season of the show will get 24 more action-packed episodes, all set to kick off in summer 2013 (via Monsters and Critics). But, of course, you don’t have to wait that long for new eps of the show. Thank goodness, right?

There’s the highly anticipated Halloween episode, dubbed "This Is a Dark Ride,” slated for October 23. That’s the one featuring "American Idol" alum Adam Lambert. He’ll be performing some of his tunes (reportedly, tracks "Trespassing" and "Cuckoo") for the liars as they hit up the Halloween party. Creepiness will most likely ensue.

And, of course, we have yet to wrap up season three. The second half will debut in January. Considering just how much went down in Rosewood during the mid-season finale back in August—you know like how we learned that Toby is A or at least one of the A-team along with the cray cray Mona—we could only imagine what kind of creepy text messages lie ahead.

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