'Pitch Perfect' Stars Suds Up And Sing

After watching this little mash-up of stars Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow teasing their singing-in-the-shower scene from "Pitch Perfect," you'd be forgiven for thinking that the a cappella comedy was a very different kind of movie...the kind that people get arrested for, y'know, "enjoying" too much in public places. AHEM. Just listen to the girls talk about their naked confrontation, and try not to get all hot and bothered.

"It was, like, steamy and humid and hot," Anna said. "So your voice is all warm and loose... Brittany and I just got real comfortable, real quick."

And let's just get it over with: by "real comfortable," she means, "brazenly nude."

"At the beginning we were trying to be very aware of our bits and pieces," Brittany remembered. But as they continued shooting, she said, the bits and pieces were pretty much just out and about. "It was hot," she said. "We were singing to each other, looking into each others' eyes..."

We won't spoil what happens after that (this is a family website, after all), but if you're looking for a hint, the words "Hitchcockian" and "pizza guy" come up shortly before the interview concludes...after which you may or may not need a nice, cold shower. Or possibly bail money, depending on where you're watching this and whether or not you have pants on.

Are you rarin' to see some naked singing in "Pitch Perfect"?