Paul Wesley Encourages A Trip To Daniel Gillies' 'Broken Kingdom'

The fraternity of bloodsuckers is a tight one, evidenced by the most recent tweet from "Vampire Diaries" hottie Paul Wesley. The actor took to the social networking site to recommend his friend Daniel Gillies' (a.k.a. Original Elijah) new film "Broken Kingdom," which had its official Hollywood premiere last night.

The independent film (which Daniel funded with $100,000 of his own money) tells the interwoven tales of a writer and a teacher, and has been a passion project of his for years. He's now giving it all away at $5 a pop!

"One of my producers said to me at one point, 'Are you sure you want to sell it for $5? That's just so cheap. Like, don't you want to make a little more because you spent so much money on the film?' And I said, 'To me, the only important thing is that people get to enjoy this movie. That's all that I care about,'" Daniel explained to Hollywood Crush recently. "I said, 'People can steal this.' The difference between stealing and $5 is not that much."

You can read more about "Broken Kingdom" (and its accompanying documentary "Kingdom Come") in our interview with Daniel.

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