Get An Early Read On First Two Chapters Of Andrea Cremer's 'Rise'

By now, it's no secret that we're unabashed junkies for Andrea Cremer's wild high-fantasy world of witch wars, wolf warriors and weird creepy horrors that lurk in the dark. (See: various fawning posts from this very blog in which we reveal covers, peep excerpts and generally flail like unhinged nutbags over all things Knights of Conatus.) And if you, too, have been salivating for a fantasy fix after reading the first book in her prequel to the "Nightshade" series, then you'll like this next part: Hollywood Crush has an EXCLUSIVE sneak preview of the first two chapters of book No. 2, "Rise"!

In "Rift," the first book to explore the centuries-old conflict that eventually gave rise to "Nightshade" and the Witches' War, 16-year-old Ember journeyed to the Conatus headquarters to join the ranks of its fierce magical warriors. But in "Rise," Ember's training may all be for naught; evil has poisoned the order, and our heroine is on the run. Who will triumph in the epic battle to come? What horrors will she find lurking beneath the castle keep? And, most importantly, why are you still reading our nonsensical blathering when you could be reading "Rise"?! Yeah, that's what we thought. Do it.

Click here to download the first two chapters from "Rise"!

"Rise" hits bookstores January 8, 2013.

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