Get An EXCLUSIVE Peek Into The 'Dark Shadows' Costume Trunk

The "Dark Shadows" DVD/Blu-ray releases today, and if you've been wondering just what's going on with the wild-and-crazy clothes worn by all the characters in this vampire comedy, you'll want to check out this MTV News exclusive featurette—in which the film's costume designer confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt that the prevailing aesthetic is Classic 1970s Couture.

If you caught "Dark Shadows" in theaters, you know that this tale of a disinterred vampire worked a retro vibe from beginning to end, complete with a costume closet that was solid gold disco. And while Michelle Pfeiffer described her character's chic drapey wardrobe as "timeless" in this featurette, it was little Chloe Moretz who was the true fashionista on-set.

"I love that," she gushed, of the film's retro style. "My character in particular is super-duper '70s." (Meanwhile, costume designer Colleen Atwood showed us a couple of extra-loud polyester prints from Chloe's clothes rack, and... yes. Yes, she is.) And if you want to see Chloe looking like a rhinestone cowboy, you can throw on your best platform shoes and big, flared jeans, and snag "Dark Shadows" on shelves today.

Are you grooving on these retro looks?