Rachel Bilson Previews 'Hart Of Dixie' Season 2: Love Triangle Is 'Pivotal'

by Christina Garibaldi

Fall television is back in full swing! Tonight is the season two premiere of The CW's "Hart of Dixie," meaning fans can finally travel back to BlueBell, Alabama, to catch up with Dr. Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson).

When we last left off, Zoe found herself in a little bit of a love triangle. After calling off his wedding to Lemon (Jaime King), George (Scott Porter) showed up at Zoe’s door to confess his feelings and kissed her, yet little did he know that Zoe had finally gotten together with Wade (Wilson Bethel). Oh, the scandal!

What will happen in season two? Well, MTV News recently caught up with Rachel, who told us that the drama picks up right where it left off.

"The premiere takes place the next morning after the finale, so right after the hurricane and the wedding being called off and Zoe and Wade’s little escapade," Rachel said. "It’s a very interesting episode. Zoe has to choose, she has to make a choice between these two guys. Every girl probably likes to be in that predicament."

I’m sure there are a lot of girls who would trade places, Rachel!

The former "O.C." star admits she doesn’t have an opinion about who Zoe ends up with, but thinks her character is compatible with either one.

"She has different connections with both of them. George and her have more similarities, responsible, professional and they share that New York nostalgia together," Rachel said. "And Wade and her obviously it’s a physical connection, but I think she sees more to Wade than she was expecting and it surprised her."

Well, one thing that is for certain, is that this love triangle is going to take a lot more than just one episode to clear up.

"I think that the whole love triangle is definitely going to play a very pivotal part, and they are going to try to draw it out for as long as possible," Rachel said.