Ashley Greene Is Coy About 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Bonus Scene

Sure, we have plenty of theories regarding "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" bonus scene teased by Kellan Lutz last month, but that doesn't mean we won't angle for something a bit more concrete when faced with one of the series' stars. To wit, when we caught up with Ashley Greene (a.k.a. Alice Cullen) in anticipation of her upcoming comedy "Butter," we just had to ask about the clip in question.

"He's probably in it," Ashley joked of her co-star's motivation for spilling the news, adding, "I did hear they are doing something very special at the end 'cause [we are] ending out the saga."

Ashley, however, wasn't willing to speculate as to what the scene may contain, considering the entire film is a culmination of Twilighters' long-awaited hopes and dreams. "Everyone wants to see Renesmee grow up," she said.

Yes, it's true, Miss Greene, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't tap into Alice's prognostication powers for just a teensy minute to suss out some scoop! Sigh...

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