'The Selection' Will Reshoot Its Pilot Next Year! Maybe Hooray?

One of the biggest buzz kills in the entertainment industry, ever, is the vicious hope/disappointment cycle that comes when a favorite YA novel is being turned into a TV show—even going so far as to land a network, develop a script and cast a leading lady and two brooding suitors—and we all get super-duper-psyched to see the book come to life, and then...and then...and NOTHING. Boooooo!

Yep, the no-man's-land of lost adaptations is pretty much the worst. Worse than mid-season cancellations. Worse than cliffhangers. Worse than rabies! And alas, such was the fate of the hotly anticipated television show based on Kiera Cass's dystopian dating game drama "The Selection," and we were very sad. That is, until the news came down, via Kiera's blog, that Things Are Happening After All.

The script has been retooled! The cast has been re-cast! And the pilot will be re-shot early in 2013, although let's keep our enthusiasm cautious, because it's still possible that the show will get a fat rejection from The CW despite our best hopes to the contrary. (Also, there may or may not be new gentlemen in the roles of Prince Maxon and Aspen; Aimee Teegarden is still in place as the star of the show, but Ethan Peck and William Moseley won't necessarily come back for another go-round.) So, wave your tiny cautious flags of tiny cautious excitement, and keep your tiny eyes cautiously peeled for "Selection" updates in the New Year. Tiny cautious yay!

Did you give up hope on "The Selection"?

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