Has 'Pitch Perfect' Star Elizabeth Banks' Career Just Been One Long Effie Audition?

'Round these parts, Elizabeth Banks is best known as the powdered, bedazzled, wild-wigged Effie Trinket in "The Hunger Games"—but did you know that long before she became the face of Capitol Couture, she was pushing the envelope in all sorts of directions playing everything from a political wife to a wannabe porn star? Well, guess what: She was.

In fact, if the writers at NextMovie are to be believed, Elizabeth has spent practically her entire career taking on acting jobs that would prepare her for the name-making role of Effie (even if nobody in the "Hunger Games" movie ever actually, um, says her character's name. Whatever. DETAILS.) And if you'd like to see her journey from budding starlet to Panem princess, you can take a gander at their list of Elizabeth's seven most in-Effie-able roles to date.

Check out Elizabeth Bank's seven most Effie-like roles at NextMovie.

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