Oliva Munn Is Nick's 'New Girl'

The revolving door of love interests on Fox's "New Girl" continues to turn, as our favorite hapless bartender lands a new romance.

Deadline reports that "Magic Mike" actress Olivia Munn is joining the series for a multiple-episode guest arc as Nick's latest lady. The report describes her character, Angie, as "sexy, earthy, charming and can hold her own with the group."

The second season of "New Girl" premiered this week, with recently unemployed Jess entangled with not one but two possible suitors in the form of Josh Gad and David Walton.

And for those of you shipping roommates Jess and Nick, stars Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson told MTV News recently you'll just have to wait. "I think that something eventually is going to happen, but they’re not telling us, and I’ll be honest, I don’t think they know," Jake said.

"We like doing scenes together, so our main wish is that we get to do scenes together whether that’s romantic scenes or just hilarious scenes, hilarity," Zooey added.

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