'Mortal Instruments' Graphic Novel Debuts Today

Devotees of Cassandra Clare's "Mortal Instruments" series are pretty hard-up for their fangirl fix these days; the latest book has been out since May, the next one won't be here til 2014, and the hotly anticipated movie adaptation doesn't make its way to theaters until next summer. But thanks to the kind folks at Th3rd World Studios, fans can now fill the void with a whole new take on the franchise that straddles the space between the literary and the visual: a graphic novel adaptation that'll serve up various "City of" books in digital installments every month.

The enterprise kicks off today with "City of Bones," which is out exclusively on comiXology and marks the beginning of the turbulent drama between Clary, Jace and the hidden world of Shadowhunters. And if you're worried about things getting lost in translation...well, don't. Cassandra herself is a collaborator in this effort to give her books a brand new treatment, and the creators of the graphic novel are rabid fans themselves who've proclaimed dead-set loyalty to the source material. All that remains to be seen is whether Jace is just as chiseled and schmexy in illustrated form as he is in our dreamiest dreams... in which case he would need to be very chiseled indeed.

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