Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jennifer Lawrence Among 25 Coolest People In Movies

We've been kinda leery of human superlative lists ever since that time in sixth grade when our best friend—or so we thought—made a lunchtime seating arrangement called "The Special People Table" and did not leave room for us, and we had to eat in the girls' locker room, even though we gave her our favorite red Fruit Roll-Up as collateral. Ugh, memories. But whatever personal baggage you bring to this post (GAH THE FRUIT ROLL-UP WHYYYYYYY), there's no denying that this NextMovie list of the 25 Coolest People in Movies is kinda right on.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Ryan Gosling? Jennifer Lawrence? McLovin?! Yes, and yes, and yes, and uh-huh: this list features pretty much every person you've ever gazed up at on-screen and thought, "You, sir/madam, are the coolest cool ever to cool." So click on over to see who's cool, and how! And then come back and sit down and we'll talk about it. Bring Fruit Roll-ups. The red kind. Don't ask why.

See NextMovie's list of The 25 Coolest People in Movies!

Do you agree with this list of the coolest cool kids in movies?