'Looper' Star Emily Blunt: Queen Of Sci-Fi?

This week on MTV's After Hours, we have just one vital question to ask: What happens when the charming Josh Horowitz sits down with Emily Blunt, declares the agreeable actress the Queen of Sci-Fi, and then puts her to the test with an impromptu pop quiz about Joss Whedon, "Battlestar Galactica" and the ins and outs of "Stark Trek" genealogy?

Answer: an important lesson about what happens when you assign the "Queen of Sci-Fi" label to a lady without properly vetting her first, Josh.

As it turns out, despite her starring roles in "The Adjustment Bureau" and "Looper," Emily has not osmotically absorbed enough geek cred to answer even the most basic questions about beloved sci-fi cult favorites...or to show them the proper respect, for that matter. For instance, after failing to identify the made-up curse that was propagated by the good folks on "Battlestar Galactica," Emily replied incredulously:

"Frak? Are you serious, that 'frak' is a swear word?"

And then—and then!—she went one step further, making the following proclamation about BSG and earning the scorn of nerds the world over:

"It's a piece of frak."


Needless to say, we were seriously considering throwing the actress to the Reavers and/or pitching her headlong into the mouth of a sarlacc... that is, until she found a way to redeem herself with a halfway decent Yoda impression. Which means that we'll let it slide this time, but if it happens again, the frak is going to hit the fan.

Could you have passed Emily's "After Hours" test?