'Vamps' Trailer: Undead In The City With Alicia Silverstone And Krysten Ritter

Writer-director Amy Heckerling is taking a bite out of the vampire genre with "Vamps," which hits select theaters on November 2 and Blu-ray/DVD on November 13. And, from the just-released trailer for the flick, it's clear that Heckerling is using her quirky voice to bring to life the world of the undead.

The film stars "Clueless" alum Alicia Silverstone and "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23" funny lady Krysten Ritter as bestie vamps living it up in the Big Apple, complete with a a vampire support group and a life that allows them to meet mortals. When Krysten’s character falls for "Downton Abbey" cutie Dan Stevens (his character's last name is Van Helsing, natch), things take a turn for the funny as his mortal parents try and size up her intentions for their son.

Sure, the lines are a bit cheesy (like when Alicia quips, "Staying young is getting old," or when Krysten jokes, "I didn’t put in rollers. I’m going to have coffin hair tomorrow"), but the satire certainly fits into the Heckerling mold of sassy one-liners.

Earlier this year, Hollywood Crush spoke to Krysten about the film: "It’s 'Clueless' for vampires," she said, which is sort of true considering that both Cher Horowitz and Mr. Hall himself (Wallace Shawn) star. Krysten added, "Amy Heckerling is an idol of mine. I’ve always looked up to her and admired and adored her so it was really fun to get to work with her."

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