Channing Tatum's Advice To His High-School Self: 'Relax!'

Trap a group of Hollywood's hottest 30-year-olds in a hotel for a month and what do you get (beyond the real-life conclusion of our latest fanfic)? Apparently, the movie "10 Years"! If you still have yet to see the high-school reunion romp (out now), the film follows a group of friends as they return to their stomping grounds to find out how much has changed...and how much has stayed the same.

When we caught up with star Channing Tatum recently, we couldn't help but ask the star what advice he'd give to his high-school self. And apparently, 17-year-old Channing was a bit more high-strung than we would have thought!

"Everything is going to work out. Relax," Channing said in all his 30-something wisdom.

"Ah, that was mine!" wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum chimed in.

Prodded as to whether his formative years were a particularly stressful time in his life, Channing said he feels like that transition point is tricky for a lot of people.

"I just think when you get out of high school, you're like, 'My god. What am I going to do?' You just worry. You just worry. You're like, 'Oh, my parents are going to be so disappointed in me,'" he said with a laugh.

We have no doubts Ma and Pa Channing are proud of their son, especially after this.

Click play on the clip above to hear more from Channing, including whether the "10 Years" shoot was as hijinks-filled as the rumors have led us to believe.

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