Jena Malone Craves 'Hunger Games' Training

After the months-long tease leading up to her casting in "Catching Fire," there was no question that catching up with Jena Malone at last night's Emmy Awards would also mean at least a little bit of squeeing about how freakin' excited we are to see her play the ice-cold, steel-nerved, occasionally-nude Johanna in the "Hunger Games" sequel.

"I'm very excited as well," Jena replied.

You're excited?! No, we're excited! (Okay, we can both be excited.) And if you were wondering how she feels about the books that inspired the franchise, the answer is yes, Jena is just as big a fan of the source material as the rest of us.

"I read literally all three in like four days, and I was crying at the end," she said. "I'm really, really excited to be a part of it."

Unfortunately, Jena couldn't tell us much about the process of playing Johanna since, y'know, she's not actually playing her yet—"We'll get into it when there's more to say," she promised, explaining that for the moment her movie-related duties consist strictly of an extensive training regimen in order to get herself arena-ready.

"I'm in the thick of it," she said. And really enjoying herself, apparently! "I love that kind of stuff. 'Sucker Punch' kind of got me into a regimen and now I kind of crave it."

We'll keep an eye out for any additional tidbits from Jena as she gets busy on "Catching Fire." But in the meantime: She's getting ripped, and she's excited. And we're excited she's excited!

Are YOU excited we're excited she's excited?