Would You Cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt In The 'Magic Mike' Sequel?

If you didn't stay up on Saturday to watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt hosting "SNL"...well, we are really, really sorry, and please don't do anything rash when you find out that, among other things, you missed a "Magic Mike"-inspired opening monologue featuring JGL grinding shirtless against the stage in a pair of extremely tight trousers.

No, wait! Put down the noose! YOU HAVE EVERY REASON TO LIVE! (Here, watch these gifs. You'll feel better.) And among the reasons not to murder yourself with regrets over having missed this epic moment in entertainment history: the fact that there's a "Magic Mike" sequel in the works. Which means that, if a certain someone plays his cards right, we could all be enjoying this very spectacle again, only on a much larger screen, and for, like, one hundred times more minutes. Right? Right?! Well, hey, you tell us:

Would you like to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt join the cast of "Magic Mike," part deux? Vote in our poll after the jump!