Joe Jonas Plays Tour Guide In EXCLUSIVE 'The Next' Clip

In tonight's episode of "The Next," Joe Jonas heads to La La Land, and not only does he mentor some talent while he's there, but he also plays Hollywood tour guide.

In this EXCLUSIVE look at the latest episode of The CW reality series, Joe stands atop a tour bus and goofs off. But the best part comes when some man shouts up at him, "You famous?" Joe, always the charmer that he is, simply responds, "No, I’m just a tour guide."

"I was actually a tour guide on a, like, star tour," Joe told MTV News about the moment, a photo of which he also posted on his Instagram. "It was really funny because it was like, I was having way too much fun with that microphone, and it kept cutting out so I was getting really frustrated, but somehow we caught the Hollywood sign in the background. It's a perfect photo."

While fans will have to wait and see how he ended up on that double-decker bus, he did previously explain why he wanted to join the show.

"What sold me on this one? This one is a lot different than the other ones," he said. "I felt that having this group of artists to work together [with] is so fun. We don't really take ourselves too seriously. We obviously want to find great talent but at the same time, we want to have a great time with it."

"The Next" airs tonight at 9/8C on The CW, with live semi-final rounds beginning next Thursday!

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