'Beautiful Creatures' Trailer: Our Wishes Come True!

There's no denying it: The "Beautiful Creatures" teaser trailer has us spellbound!

In anticipation of last night's sneak peek of the supernatural romance, Hollywood Crush compiled an ambitious wish list of our must-see scenes. Ambitious in that, with only a minute-and-a-half of footage to mete out, we were prepared to be left wanting. But—surprise!—all of our wishes were granted in those 90 seconds. (Thank you, Warner Bros.!)

Watch the trailer after the jump, and then we'll take a closer look at how it met all our expectations!

Ethan, Lena and storm makes three

To be fair, this is the moment that skews furthest from our wants. Sure, there's our two star-crossed lovers and lots of rain, but it doesn't seem like this is their first meeting. Because as the drops descend, Ethan shouts: "If you want to be like a normal human, what do you think that is?" Doesn't sound like something you'd say to someone you just met. Unless you're a jerk.

Ridley's siren song

Here's Emmy Rossum chewing all kinds of scenery as Lena's dark caster cousin Ridley. "If she goes dark, will you shut her out too?" the siren asks of Lena's claiming. "You think Lena's a good girl now, but it won't matter." And Ridley should know. In a quick, earlier snippet we see the siren's own claiming, and it looks painful.

Lena shows her power

Lena's abilities are quickly apparent, as we see the windows of her classroom shatter following a round of merciless taunting from her classmates. It's a moment we witnessed during our visit to the New Orleans set earlier this year, and it did not disappoint in its celluloid form. In a later scene, in which the family is gathered to celebrate the high holiday, Lena once again gets worked up, and her rage manifests itself in multiple ways, including sending the dining room table spinning in circles.

Something with Jeremy Irons...or Viola Davis...or Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson's Mrs. Lincoln kicks the clip off with her diatribe against the Duchannes family and, in particular, Lena, who's just moved to town with a reputation that precedes her. "I'm not afraid of you or your evil kind," Mrs. Lincoln drawls. Later, Viola Davis, as seer Amma, explains the intricacies of the unknown to Lena and Ethan. "Our words, our language, can't explain all that there is." Unfortunately, though we get a few nice shots of Jeremy Irons looking dapper as Uncle Macon, we don't actually hear a peep out of him. Next time!

A fiery flashback

In an early long shot, we see an elegantly garbed woman running across a field. Later, closer up, we watch her from behind as she runs across a soldier-strewn Civil War battlefield. (Are we assuming that's Alice Englert playing the 19th century Miss Duchannes as well?) The amulet that causes Ethan and Lena's visions also wins a few quick moments on screen.

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"Beautiful Creatures" hits theaters February 13, 2013.

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