'Perks' Stars Reveal Their Favorite Firsts

In case you missed the big to-do, the cast of "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" debuted an EXCLUSIVE, brand new, never-before-seen clip from their upcoming film right here on MTV last night—and after, they stuck around for a special 30-minute MTV First interview with Josh Horowitz!

With our show's title being what it is, it only made sense to grill Emma Watson, Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller on some of their own special "firsts"...although not, based on the embarrassed groans coming from Logan, the sort he was afraid we'd ask about. (Don't worry, Logan; we're keeping it strictly PG.)

Here's what the stars had to say about...

Their first album obsession:

Ezra answered right away: "The Eminem Show."

Emma, on the other hand, hesitated a bit before admitting, "I was very, very big into the Spice Girls. I had a Spice Girls cassette tape, that's how far back it was. I used to dress up as Emma Bunton."

Their first crush:

"I don't remember what she smelled like!" Logan protested, after being asked to describe his first crush's particular aroma.

And for Emma: "The worst thing is that it's still the same: It's Kevin Costner," she replied, before relating the embarrassing story of how she went tongue-tied when she ran into the actor in an elevator.

Their first impressions of each other:

Logan, on Emma: "I met Emma a year before we started shooting, and she was just incredibly smart, really. It blew me away."

Emma, on Logan: "Logan was like an incredibly, like, old-school gentleman."

And on Ezra: "The first time I met Ezra, he was wearing pajamas with ducks on them."

What was your favorite moment from our First "firsts" round of questions? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!