'Perks Of Being A Wallflower' Star Logan Lerman Tells How He Went Sour On Mixtapes

You can't talk about "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" without talking about music—specifically, the emotionally loaded musical messaging of mixtapes. (For those not in the know: Charlie, the narrator of the book, at one point channels his feelings for his new-found friends into what may just be the greatest mixtape in the history of American literature, and possibly the world. You can listen to it here.) So, when we got the three major stars of the "Perks" movie in our studios for a chat, MTV News' Josh Horowitz had to ask the obvious question: Do they do the mixtape thing, online or otherwise?

Emma Watson jumped in first, exclaiming, "I make mix CDs all the time. I made one for these guys!"—indicating her co-stars. And Ezra Miller remembered being "involved with some mixtape processes with my sisters, growing up. We made a lot of mixtapes, for road trips."

But the lone holdout—and saddest story—from the mixtape debate was Logan Lerman, who confessed, "I kinda stopped."

Stopped? Stopped making mixtapes? But...but why?!

Answer: the same reason that anyone stops making mixtapes. DISASTROUS MORTIFICATION.

"I was really young, I really liked this girl...this is why I don't make mixtapes anymore," Logan said. "I gave her the CD, I remember the song I put on—it was 'She's Electric' by Oasis. And she was like, 'YOU ARE SO WEIRD. OH MY GOD.'"

That is truly tragic, y'all. The only consolation: Wherever that girl is, she's probably kicking herself so hard right now.

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