CW Gets Set To 'Embrace' A New Series

In the vast lexicon of entertainment reporting, there's no one phrase that results in brighter hopes—or more devastating disappointments — than "It's the new 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'!" Because man, that show was terrific, and ugh, so many have tried to replicate it with little success. But if we had to pin our Buffy-lovin' bets on one new show, it might be this new drama-in-development on the CW called "Embrace"!

The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop on the new series, which is based on a book by Jessica Shirvington and will seek to fill the supernatural-forces-at-war void left by the departure of our darling Buffy. (Yes, it was nearly 10 years ago. No, we're still not over it.)

The story centers on a 20-something named Violet Eden, who discovered that she's a key player in an ancient war between evil fallen angels and humanity's heavenly protectorate. And while Violet won't be wielding a bag of stakes, the world she inhabits—full of secret half-seraphs, magic tattoos and lots of good-on-evil action—might just be the new supernatural hit (and next big thing that doesn't involve vampires) that the network has been waiting for. The only downside? The only news now is that there's a script order in place, which means that we're going to have to wait, like, forever to actually see this business on a screen.

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