'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower': Meet Patrick

Are we doing enough to get you excited for the release of "The Perks of Being a Wallflower?" The movie is almost here, with a limited release this weekend in New York and L.A., expanding elsewhere next week, and MTV News is doing its part to set the stage for a proper welcome via MTV First: "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," a celebration of sorts for what this writer has already gushed about as an instant-classic.

Anyway! As we count down the days to the film's release, we're introducing you to the five pivotal characters of "Perks." Today let's say hello to my favorite character, Patrick, a friend I desperately wish I had made in high school.

Who he is: You very likely knew a Patrick in high school. He is that free-spirited, fun-loving, doesn't-give-a-rats-what-people-think, cool-but-not-too-cool kid. He's the guy who always had a witty retort or wise-ass remark for "the establishment," basically a larger-than-life personality who is also a fiercely loyal friend. In Patrick's case, he bucks against convention but struggles with the fact that the person he loves, a guy, cannot do the same. But he's also one of the first people to recognize the "something special" in Wallflower Charlie.

Who's portraying him: Rising superstar Ezra Miller, who you'll recognize from his stirring/creepy performance in "We Need to Talk About Kevin." On the opposite end of the spectrum, he also had a recurring role on USA's hit "Royal Pains," on which he stole scenes as charming hemophiliac rich kid Tucker Bryant. Ezra's performance in "Perks" might very well (and should) receive the most attention when the film comes out—his Patrick is so wonderfully layered and enjoyable to watch. You want to be his best friend forever.

Ezra on Patrick: "The role is such a fun one," Ezra told MTV News. "He's such a mischievous—and this gay boy, who's full of pride and full of humor and wit and just confidence. And it is—it's just largely a comedic role but with real actual heart. There's a lot of levity."

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