Joseph Gordon-Levitt Suits Up For Date Night With Glamour

Joseph Gordon-Levitt may be in all the movies this year (see: "The Dark Knight Rises," "Premium Rush," "Looper," "Lincoln"), but we'll never (NEVER!!!!) tire of staring at that boyish grin.

The gals at Glamour magazine totally get us, because they've tapped the 31-year-old actor for a date-night fashion spread featured in their October issue. Now, frankly, we'd never turn down a dinner date with JGL—even if he showed up clad in a pair of Hello Kitty footsie pajamas—so the fact that he so finely fills out these suits is really just a bonus.

Before the drool pools on our keyboard, let us just say, click on over to to see the full feature and read Joseph's interview in which he talks about playing Bruce Willis' younger self and getting buff for his next role!

How cute does date-night Joseph Gordon-Levitt look?

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