Watch 'Girls' Season Two Tease!

GirlsThe "Girls" are back in town!

After months of casting scoops (hello, Patrick Wilson and Donald Glover) and mysterious, on-set tweets (is that you, Mr. Big?!), we're finally getting our first look at the sophomore season of HBO's hit series.

And by "first look" we mean "a montage of happy, smiling faces with absolutely no plot points whatsoever." But we'll take it! And, really, there are at least a few things to be gleaned from this season two tease. Mostly what we're focused on is the return of our favorite "Girls" guys. We knew Adam would be back since reports surfaced that he'd gain a love interest in the form of "Life Unexpected" star Shiri Appleby. But with Marnie and Charlie still on the outs (though Charlie, if only momentarily, still pining for his former lady love) and Ray taking Shoshanna's V-card, we weren't sure how they'd factor into upcoming episodes. And, well, we still aren't. But here they are, and Charlie's grown a beard! (Maybe his tortilla-soup-contest-blogging girlfriend broke up with him and this is the physical manifestation of his grief?)

It's all speculation at this point, and we have a while to wait for any concrete clarification. The second season of "Girls" debuts in January. Until then, we'll just have to settle for slurping down sweet mucus while swathed in footsie pajamas.

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